Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Me Taking Pictures

                  This picture made me crack when I saw this. I remember more than 10 years ago, my mom sent me an e-mail of Japanese taking pictures. I teared up from laughing looking at those pictures. now, my sweet cousin took my picture while I was getting ready for our timer picture.

                    I just wonder what the people behind me is thinking. 

It was indeed a happy day. =)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Travel light-Intramuros Manila

Yesterday was a fun day. We rediscover the beauty of Manila.

I am currently planning of traveling around Philippines. I do have some work to do though first and leave in few more days. I decided to go around metro manila first.

For the nth time I went to Intramuros with my sister, Mich and Kukay, my cousin together with the Prince of our life. Let me show some captured moments.

The old stones with my youngest sister.

The green colors.

Lovers and love every where.

I wish a lot of buildings are still like this.

Your tour need not to be expensive. We brought this bread cost 50 pesos for our snack.

Manila Cathedral, where Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion got married. LOL

Dinner time. We tried our best not to spend too much. 

Over all cost:

Bread=                 50
Parking=              35
Gas(estimate)=     200
Dinner=               200

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Man's Jacket and No Make Up Sunday

Since I was young I always care about how I dress up. I am not saying I am fashionably great but I just care how I look. I usually take more than 30 minutes to choose my outfit. 

Today was an exemption. I just put on a big man's jacket because it is raining like cats and dog. I miss a hug and I just feel I would look good on a huge jacket. 

No make up day for me as well!!! =) And I went out like this to work. Pretty proud of myself.

Happy Sunday! =)

Saturday, 21 July 2012


I just came back from my solo rainy movie. Let me just share you my reflection in the Dark Knight movie. Batman, was so depressed that he locked himself in his house. He was a billionaire having everything that he want. He was good looking. Strong.His heart is pure but was weaken by sadness and depression. He stopped living his life.  He fell in love with someone that he thought he could trust only to find out that she planned everything. She betrayed him. Even worst she stubbed Batman when he was winning already.

I am not Batman.

I should say that I found Kathy more on Cat woman. Aside from kat to cat. =) We both seem to do crazy decisions. Failed people who trust us. We both are trying to escape from pain, hurts and reality. We are strong. When we know what we want we do it! Not thinking about the consequences.  We love like crazy, no just WOMAN.

Friday, 20 July 2012


If you are going through a heart ache. You can look at mine, you'll see it is bleeding more than yours.
 If you are having a bad day. You wont believe, I had a terrible time 10 months.
If you don't feel good about how you look.  Believe me, I wasn't feeling good about the entire me.

Everyday is a struggle. Everyday was a pain. Tears were always wept before I get on with my day. No one will believe. I look strong. I look compose but deep with in I am broken.

I don't know when I can smile genuinely again. I hope soonest.

If you are going pain. Hold my hand. It is better to go through the storm with someone. I know at the end of this storm rays of sunshine awaits us. We will be fine. We will be safe. God will save us.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

What Happened in My Video Journey Today

I filmed almost all afternoon today. I almost finished the 32GB memory card. I tried filming the swap I did with Misspinaybeauty. The gifts I got on my birthday and the mini haul I bought on the Bazaar. I did 9 retakes of 18 minutes long movie. The reason why I retakes the movies was that the quality is so bad. The color was washed out. 

I am not sharing this to complain but to let you know that when people do video it is a lot of work. 

With all of this adversities I know I am in the right track. I know I am going in the right direction. I wont give up in this field. 

I am not ranting. Just sharing.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Stress Reliever

Some people will think I don't have reason to be stress but hey!!! I am the person who is easily affected by stress. Physically I am made of tough skin. My muscles are used to work. Emotional stress are my enemy.  

I tried a lot of ways to not suffer from this but no matter how I try seems like it is getting worst. I did went to talk to a professional. I do exercise. I clean my room. I read books but never worked... After recently: I found the answer!!!!

My personality is a giver. I need to give more but not feeling abused. Having a Prince in my life are a lot of giving. Waking up early. Feeding. Cleaning up the mess (poop and urine) a lot of things he cluttered. On time walks. Attention. Love. Time. Lots of work but every time I do these my heart is just so happy. I feel needed. I feel love back. I have a routine thats worthy. 

Prince is my stress reliever. Playing with him. Having walks with him. Having a fun time with him is a biggest happiness moment in my day. 

How about you? What do you do for a stress reliever?

Reason for doing Youtube Videos and now Blog

 I have been doing video for over three years in youtube but not constantly active but for the last three months I have been doing it like a regular routine. It is in my heart now. Its like my outlet. Escape from reality. My way of expressing myself. Therapy. Helping other. Spreading love. Encouraging. Getting back to people who look down at me. With all these reasons and still lots more. 

I will take this as a strong commitment between me and myself. =) Cliché it may sound but it is true. 

Spend time with me. Be with me and lets learn from each other.