Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pinned Up

It is Sunday and my creative or crazy mind woke me up and asking to go to the past! nnaahhh, I am being silly! ^_^ 

Here is my pin up look. 

Pictures taken at Photobooth. 

When ever I hear pin up three things get into my mind.
 1. nicely arch brow
 2. winged eyeliner
3. red lipstick

What comes into your mind when you hear pin up? Share it to me.

I pray for you to have a great great day ahead.
Remember that you are love by our dear father.

Love is sent as well through this site too!!!
mmwaaahhh kissing you with my red lips! ^_*

Monday, 10 September 2012

Have Glimpse at the Curves

I had a chance to work again with my friend Myk Nanquil. Here are his captures. I hope you like it.

Make up here are natural color. White base in the lid with brown on the outer V and on the crease. Dark pink berry lips on the lips.

All the while I was holding my head maybe that day I was having memory problem. I don't remember!


I can be use as cocaine's paraphernalia's Sniffing box ^_^

I hope you are all safe, healthy andddd
away from drugs.
God bless everyone!

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Been sick already for 3 days now. booooohhhhhh I just hate it. When old people ( I mean mature one) get sick it is just so bad. I was never alone though.... These two cute little angel accompanied me all day through. 

I cannot get enough of this book. It is just amazing I have read and watched it over twenty time and yet every time it feels like it was my first time. I am savoring each and every lines. My future children and grand children will definitely love this too. Or I will make them love this! :)

Ohhhhh The real prince of my life! He is always checking on me. Sometimes will jump to bed and kiss me then go down because he is not allowed to be in my bed. When I was so weak to open my eyes. I will just listen to him playing his toy and knew he was just down my bed. His presence made me get well fast.

He is all grown up! longer hair but I want longer. I mean like really long! :)

I hope you are all healthy and not sick like me!
Happy Sunday everyone!
God bless!
Loves yeahhhh!!!!

Friday, 7 September 2012

4 Ladies 4 Make Overs

Here are the before and after look of these beautiful ladies.

Gretchen. The videographers want it smokey and red lips.

Mikay is acidic so I put whiter foundation. It will get even after he skin absorbed it.

My bad to forget the name of this pretty girl. I made her look so fresh and natural.

Vel's make up is another natural looking one.

I hope you all enjoyed looking at the make overs. 
God bless everyone!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I woke up not feeling well. Worries lingers in my mind before I slept from yesterday and after opening my eyes it was the first thing that was on my mind. 

I closed my eyes and prayed. There is nothing I can do but to call our father above. He just talked to me ( i know it is weird but He did!!!) He said that there is nothing to worry about. He loves me and there is nothing on earth that He would want to harm me. Right there in then, I had this smile that started my day right.

If you are struggling or worrying let me just remind you that you are love by the greatest creator. Trust him. He knows the best for each and everyone. 

If you feel the tension mounting-pray!!!
No need to worry.
Matthew 6:25-34

Make Over on Andee

Here is the look I did on Andee. Blue and purple eye shadow.  I lined her lash lines with black liner. Almost nude cheeks and light pinkish lips.

I hope you all like it.

God bless everyone! 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Moment with Jason Magbanua

Jason Magbanua is a pioneer with the use of digital camera in the weddings here in Philippines. A pioneer who were able to maintain the height of his career. After 12 years of being in the business, covering special events he is still one of the best. 

I was given an opportunity to do the make up of the models in the Philippine Video Maker Seminar. I was in one room filled with people who are so into video making. Being surrounded by the people who are passionate about something is so good. I cannot explain the feelings. My passion in make up are being fueled with the love that those people have in video making. I love it!!!

I strongly suggest to everybody to put your heart into something rather than someone.