Monday, 20 August 2012

What I am Using to Clean My Make Up Brushes

I filmed a video the other day day on how to clean my brushes. Want to know what I use to clean them?

Some of my brushes with brush guard. I used HOT SPOT by Kat Roxas Gomez.

I love to use anti bacterial dish washing soap because it cleans my brushes and take the bacteria away from it.

To put the silkiness of the strands of it I put some conditioner on it before I dry it up and put it in the brush guard.

Have a happy happy day everyone!

Remember Jesus loves you so much.

Naked Color

My high school batchmate Me-ann Saja asked me to model to her husband last Sunday. Aug. 19, 20 12 at Ninoy Aquino Wild life. I did my own make up. They gave me a peg that they like and took me over an hour to do it. :) I am very meticulous with my make up. :( It is a good thing but at the same time bad as well because I am taking so much time. On this blog I will be posting the second set. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Photographer: LOUI SAJA

HMUA: KATHY GRACE of Beauty and Grace

Thank you for looking.

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Be safe everyone! 

Hugs and kisses.

Apple of our eyes

I knew for so long that having a pet is such a wonderful feeling. Prince has been the apple of our eyes. He relieves the stress. I just love anything that he does. Small look. Holding hands while we sleep at night. Trying to escape when I am bathing him. Him returning the to we threw. Anything that he does gives us a joy.

First few days after we have him.

He loves my make up kit too. =)

Him now, our three months old Prince.

For you who are looking for a loyal partner. Some-one/thing that can make you smile when you wake up in the morning and before you close your eyes get some cute little puppy.