Monday, 23 April 2012

Not very pretty day turned out to be awesome

Un-pretty day turned out to be awesome.... =)

My day has not been a very pretty day but this "walls" made it awesome!!!  =)

A sweet corned flavored ice cream sandwiched with yummy wafer. It is a bar of ice cream which the vendor slice and put it in between wafer or bread. (Which ever the costumer want) A must have when you travel Singapore.

I was eating it while walking in the high end street of Singapore. Orchard street. In this street, you can see a lot of high end boutiques BUT what caught my attention is this red umbrella in the middle of those luxurious place. Did you see it?? =)

One piece of advice, If a girl is in a bad mood just give her ice cream. Her day will be wonderful again! =)

Have a happy Tuesday!!! 

No matter how things start isn't much necessary. What matter is how it ends.

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