Monday, 4 June 2012

Work day of a make up artist =)

One Fine Day is a Make Up Day

In this blog post I am posting some picture of my day. This day is a work related day. From the moment I woke up and to the day I finish. =)

I hope you like it.

For early morning shoot. I alarm my phone 5x. In this day our call time is 6:30 am. I set my phone 5 am, 5:02, 5:04, 5:06, 5:08, 5:10.

I thought this rain is a blessing. 

I still have lots of time. for sure i wont be late (6:15am)

Just when I thought. The traffic is jam far from my house. The cars are not even moving :(

I decided to put blush on while stuck in traffic. It is a gift from an friend. It is a magic blush on. It will change color after few minutes laying down your cheeks. It also has this glowing effect on it thus making your skin looks fresh and healthy.

This is how it looks like. Glowing. Sad, but when make up artist usually are in work we rarely have time to put make up. thank you the traffic that I was able to put a little bit of color in my face. =)( this is what we call, optimism)

Finally, I arrived. I was a bit late. 

These are the dresses that the models will be wearing. (JUZ FOR K)

I have to start now with my pretty model.

These all the things I have to bring when ever I go for work.

Almost done with the first model.

Jane Hidalgo, Bb. Pilipinas Candidate 2012.

tap with the blue lipstick.

Beautiful hair.

While in the set.

The photographer and the models discussing the posses

The second look. dark smokey look

Love this make up on them.

Wrap up time! =)

Now, on my way back home. =)

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