Sunday, 10 June 2012

Working Station

Happy Sunday. Well, Sunday is almost over here in Philippines. I decided to blog about my working area. =) I do have one big commitment in my channel in youtube. I am dedicated to it that I feel like it is a relationship for me. =) I have to have time on it. Work hard for it. I also sacrifice a lot for my videos. I love it though I am not complaining =) I am just saying. =) 

Okay, I will go now to show you my working station. Here are the pictures:

Me, working for another video.

I took clotheman 2 yards and tape it in the wall since our wall is not clean anymore. LOL it need repainting.

My fiance's badvance birthday gift to me is this two soft light. =) loving it. It made big change in my videos. =)

I just seat in this area while the camera is in front. =) 

I love you all like the tour in my working station =)

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