Saturday, 21 July 2012


I just came back from my solo rainy movie. Let me just share you my reflection in the Dark Knight movie. Batman, was so depressed that he locked himself in his house. He was a billionaire having everything that he want. He was good looking. Strong.His heart is pure but was weaken by sadness and depression. He stopped living his life.  He fell in love with someone that he thought he could trust only to find out that she planned everything. She betrayed him. Even worst she stubbed Batman when he was winning already.

I am not Batman.

I should say that I found Kathy more on Cat woman. Aside from kat to cat. =) We both seem to do crazy decisions. Failed people who trust us. We both are trying to escape from pain, hurts and reality. We are strong. When we know what we want we do it! Not thinking about the consequences.  We love like crazy, no just WOMAN.

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