Monday, 23 July 2012

Travel light-Intramuros Manila

Yesterday was a fun day. We rediscover the beauty of Manila.

I am currently planning of traveling around Philippines. I do have some work to do though first and leave in few more days. I decided to go around metro manila first.

For the nth time I went to Intramuros with my sister, Mich and Kukay, my cousin together with the Prince of our life. Let me show some captured moments.

The old stones with my youngest sister.

The green colors.

Lovers and love every where.

I wish a lot of buildings are still like this.

Your tour need not to be expensive. We brought this bread cost 50 pesos for our snack.

Manila Cathedral, where Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion got married. LOL

Dinner time. We tried our best not to spend too much. 

Over all cost:

Bread=                 50
Parking=              35
Gas(estimate)=     200
Dinner=               200

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