Saturday, 8 September 2012


Been sick already for 3 days now. booooohhhhhh I just hate it. When old people ( I mean mature one) get sick it is just so bad. I was never alone though.... These two cute little angel accompanied me all day through. 

I cannot get enough of this book. It is just amazing I have read and watched it over twenty time and yet every time it feels like it was my first time. I am savoring each and every lines. My future children and grand children will definitely love this too. Or I will make them love this! :)

Ohhhhh The real prince of my life! He is always checking on me. Sometimes will jump to bed and kiss me then go down because he is not allowed to be in my bed. When I was so weak to open my eyes. I will just listen to him playing his toy and knew he was just down my bed. His presence made me get well fast.

He is all grown up! longer hair but I want longer. I mean like really long! :)

I hope you are all healthy and not sick like me!
Happy Sunday everyone!
God bless!
Loves yeahhhh!!!!

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