Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pinned Up

It is Sunday and my creative or crazy mind woke me up and asking to go to the past! nnaahhh, I am being silly! ^_^ 

Here is my pin up look. 

Pictures taken at Photobooth. 

When ever I hear pin up three things get into my mind.
 1. nicely arch brow
 2. winged eyeliner
3. red lipstick

What comes into your mind when you hear pin up? Share it to me.

I pray for you to have a great great day ahead.
Remember that you are love by our dear father.

Love is sent as well through this site too!!!
mmwaaahhh kissing you with my red lips! ^_*


  1. I love the winged eyeliner! :) Have you made a brow tutorial? I like how you filled you brows! Neat! :)

  2. :) No I havent! I will do that! thank you :)

  3. This photo reminds me so much of Karmin!!! Love love love it :)

    Miss April

  4. Winged liner is super in these days.
    I love how u do it well.
    Great tips and secrets!
    I hope you'll check my log:

    1. =) thank you Nerza. Will do check your blog.

  5. your so pretty Ms. Kathy with your pin up make up, after i give birth i'll try this look.. :)
    sana makuha ko..hehe

    1. Merry Christmas Yhssa! Thank you. good luck on your giving birth. Post pictures of your make up.