Saturday, 27 October 2012

yoghurt in a freezer

I was walking today at Bloor street and saw this yoghurt place. =)
In a cold time I never thought I'd crave for something cold and sweet like yoghurt.

I went inside and treat my self with this tasteful treat.
Most of the people who get in are teen ager. I feel I am one of them. =)

It is a nice location but I guess my tongue is so filipino that I can say there is something missing in that yoghurt cone. I guess home???

Have a happy Saturday everyone. well, here in Canada.
Sunday in my Philippines. =)

God bless!


  1. wow, the place looks amazing! and i bet the yoghurt taste great as well :)

  2. The yogurt place looks so quaint! :) Love it. BUT yes there's nothing like HOME :)

    The Misty Mom