Thursday, 26 April 2012

Women's Cycle

I wish I can explain well how women feels when we have our visitor in a proper way where in men can have an idea how we feel. I will try in this blog to explain in the best that I can.

  • We, have light head ache since we are losing blood. Cut yourself and fill a three onze of blood. Tell me how you will feel?
  • Imagine, the lining of uterus are being scrape. How painful would it be?
  • In most cases, when our menstrual time is approaching pimples are coming out. We don't feel well when we have foreign living organism in our pretty face. We feel irritated.
  • It is very uncomfortable having a wet "thing" in between our legs. I dare you try it. Get a pad put a little bit of water and then tell me how uncomfortable it is after 2 hours. Just two hours! where in we have to suffer for 5 days.

If we tend not to be loving on those days please be understanding. If our patience is not long on those days please try to put yourself in our shoes. We are suffering. Most of the time we don't know what is happening inside our body  so it is very hard to explain but please just be patient. 

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