Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Emotional Baggage Lifted

Today, as I was cleaning I put on my head set and play Tony Robbins video. I didn't watched it. I just listened to it. He was talking about our baggage in life. We all have a blue print in our life and our purpose in life is to make it happen. To materialize the blue print that our past has made us want us to be. When we are able to achieve it there we will have the so called
GRATIFICATION. But if we are not able to make it the DEPRESSION will kick and bite us. It will hurt so bad that we will never be happy no matter what achievement we get in life. If it is not according to our so called blue print it will not make us happy in long term. 

The first part of the talk was to discover what is the baggage we have in life. I thought about mind. Pause the video and wrote down my biggest hang up as of the very moment. As the talk continues I was awaken that my biggest hang up is not at all BIG! I have realized that its not very important to me. The baggage that I have been carrying for so long was can be left and set aside and hopefully, maybe never be return...

I want you to be touch by this video too.


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