Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I want to be a PEACOCK

Ever since I was hooked with make up or not really hooked but started buying and exploring make ups I wanted to do this look. I find this happy because its colorful. It requires a lot of work, I like it because I can challenge myself.  

One of my make up dream came real. I made my eyes colorful as the peacock colors.

Here are pictures I took after playing with beautiful colors. 
I hope you enjoy it! 

Here are the lists of the make up I used:

The Face Shop-Acne Corrective Concealer

Make Up Forever Eye Liner

Nyx Chloe Lipstick

Naked Cosmetic #SE 03

Layla-Gold Jumbo Pencil #12
Layla-White Jumbo Pencil #1
Nyx-Rocky Mountain Green #624
Wet and Wild-#133

Avon-Eye defining pencil Violet

Maybelline-Magnum Volume Mascara

Fanny Serano-Organza Color

RL #259

Make Up Forever #92

Nyx Box of Eye shadow 112 Colors

Rimmel Brow Defining Pencil #001 Dark Brown

Cover girl and Neutrogena Foundation

Thank you so much for dropping by!
God bless you all.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. this is so far my most favorite look that you created!!!! keep em coming!!

    much love,