Sunday, 22 September 2013

Inexpensive Eye Make Up: Shawill Mono Eyeshadow and Fashion 21 Trio Eyeshadow

Happy Day!!!
How's everyone doing? I can hear GREAT! :) Very good. :)

Here are the lists of the products I used on this look.

Mac- Face and Body
Fanny Serrano-Two Way Cake in Organza
Shawill- Mono Eye Shadow #1
Fashion 21- Trio Eyeshadow #3
Everbelina- Color Rose Blush
Wet and Wild-Eye Liner Cocoa Riches
Fashion 21 Double Up mascara
Everbelina-Advance Eye Liner
Rimmel Eyeliner
Nichido Lip Liner-
Two Face Shadow Insurance
The Face Shop-Acne Solution Concealer
LA Passion Creamy Lipstick

I love how it turned out. After discovering this look I wear this almost everyday. :) Who wouldn't?

I can see HAPPINESS! :) from my smile.

Fashion 21 Trio #3

I like this trio. Very wearable. I can imagine the office girls using this. 
The pigmentation is o.k. I mean not very pigmented. A little chalky but, what do you expect to a Php 150 eye shadows? not to say it is 3 colors already.


Shawill Mono Eyeshadow #001

The new love of my life! hahahaha in short! I love it! I LOVE IT. 
My husband will ask me once he see this. :WHO YOU LOVE MORE YOUR SHAWILL OR ME (my husband)? 
and my answer is.......... MY HUSBAND!!!
How dare you think it will be the shawill? hahahaha

Kidding aside, Php 69 pesos for this beautiful pigmented non chalky eye shadow!


Tell me if you like this look! :) 
I would really appreciate a comment but if you cannot, thanks anyways for your time in dropping by Blog! :) 

Hugs and Kisses

Kathy Grace

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